Tuesday, March 24, 2009



phytoestrogen (dr. may), cosmetic regulation (mdm. siti),pro/prebiotic (dr. retno), cosmeticeutical ....(dr.retno)(ada 3 soalan, tapi undefiable, spy fly rosak kot)...


poisonous plant (dr. norazian), terpenes, alkaloids, phenol..(Dr. retno), plant tissue culture, QC (dr.wan)..


azwadi kamarudin said...

Final xm sem 1 08/09
OSPE pharmacognosy

1.Given the pictures of glassware. Name them.

Suggested answer : volumetric flask, Erlenmeyer flask, separating funnel, filter funnel, round bottom flask

2.Given the picture of TLC visualization. What are the methods that can be used to visualize it?
*Suggested answer: Detection reagent (KI + I2 in ethanol and HCl + ethanol)

3.Given the picture of separating funnel. What extraction technique used in this funnel? What is the content of the top layer and bottom layer?
*Suggested answer: Partition extraction. Bottom water, Top chloroform n caffeine

4.Regarding TLC for volatile oil. If the polarity of the solvent is increased, what will be happened?

5.Given the structure of one alkaloid. Name it and which plant it can be found?
*Suggested answer: Caffeine from the leaves of tea.

Anonymous said...

owh...thanks wadi..
untk sem ni takder ker?? :)

aizuddinmn said...

tima kasih wadi..