Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 1@Pharmacy Talk

One of the top person in Homeolab, with yob and shahrir

Madam Siti Halimah yang launch opening ceremony.

Madam Shahnas Natural Wellness

Chairman, Shamel with PC, Qayyum

IPhA Booth

CUCMS Booth and Pharmaniaga (dapat vitamin C free =D)

Homeolab pun datang juga. Clinical Pharmacy, stude

Dr. Mohamad Awang with PM, ruzmayuddin @ yob. Madam Rozita (pharmacist from HTAA) bg talk psl clinical pharmacy.

Our 8th Batch(except Tohiri) and committees


Tn. Sheikh juga dtg bg talk psl enforcement

Madam Siti Hadijah pun dtg.

*click at the pic to view the larger size.
*hari ini last day Pharmacy talk, jom penuhkan audi.

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