Monday, July 27, 2009

Our 1st Hospital Attachment

C2 & D1 group members will go to Kemaman (health centre@klinik kesihatan & hospital). Make sure this group members get a from of ‘syarat-syart perjanjian’, 2 pages and bring along to submit to the hospital preceptors.

Other groups will go to HTAA. Please refer to the ‘class board’ to know which group you are.

To all students, make sure you prepare for yourself about the areas of pharmacy services in the hospital:
1. Aseptic (TPN & CDR)
2. Setellite Pharmacy
3. Outpatient Pharmacy
4. Inpatient Pharmacy.

What you need to know are :
-identify the work processes
-the functions & roles of pharmacist in delivering the services.

Bus to Kemaman at 12.30pm (after Dr. Mokhlesur’s class), in front of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. Bus to HTAA will be confirm later (maybe 12.30pm). So, make sure you wear the smart attire and bring along your white-coat, tie for male, reference book, matric card & its holder. I have talked with Dr. Mokhlesur to finish early his class so that we are not so rushing especially those who will go to Kemaman, insyaallah he will do so (maybe 1220pm@1200).

As said by Dr. Che Suraya last week, all students are compulsory to go to the hospital by bus. No students are allowed to go by their own transport.

Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan (HTAA)
Jalan Tanah Putih, 25100 Kuantan
No. Telefon : 09-5133333
No. Fax : 09-5142712

Hospital Kemaman
Jalan Hospital, 24000 Kemaman
No. Telefon : 09-8593333/85931525
No. Fax : 09-8595512

Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Kemaman,
Kemaman,24000 Terengganu.


Anonymous said...

rasanya naik bas g hosp tuh 4 hosp kemaman je kot, kalu htaa, bole je naik transport sndiri, aslkn smpai on time, xgitu?

Anonymous said...

bkn mdm galakkn pegi ngn bus UIA ke,
sbb mdm ade ckp aritu xnk dngr ade reason lmbt sbb x jmpe cr prkng etc..