Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Industrial Attachment 2010

Students going for Industrial Training in Sem 3, pls collect your industrial placement letter from me. Availability: morning 10-12 noon. Afternoon: 3.30-5 pm. If you can't make it let me know and I will leave it with Sr Yanie (level 3 BMS HOD wing).

Dr. Juliana.

Insya Allah nanti akan ada briefing dr Dr. Juliana.




'atiqah said...

hari ni je ke?

Anonymous said...

Dr. ju kata nanti masa briefing 7hb dia kasi sume pny surat

mutiara bd said...

Briefing 7hb tu pukul berapa ye?

Briefing community pharmacy pulak pukul berapa?

Anonymous said...

Briefing industri 7hb 4.30 pm LH3

aizuddinmn said...

nant dr ju confirm smula..insya Allah briefing industri 6 hb.

mutiara bd said...

oo, dua edisi. takpa, nanti dah konfem btaulah ye. TErima kasih.