Sunday, March 14, 2010

Latest Update on CP2 Presentation


Regarding CPII & PTII presentation:

Venue: Lecture Hall Year 3 only.
Dates: March 15th (Monday) and March 16th (Tuesday)
Time: 2.00 - 5.30 pm
Evaluators: All clinical pharmacy lecturers.

There's no assigned turn for presentation.
Just be there and wait for your case to be called out.
Attendance is compulsory.

These are the cases selected to be presented:

Monday (Malignancy cases)

Colorectal cancer

(B1, B2, C4)

Breast cancer I

Breast cancer II

Lung cancer (A1, A2)

Non- Hodgkin lymphoma (C2, C3)

Hodgkin Lymphoma (C1)

Retrosigmoid ca (D5)

Rectal ca (A3)

Recurrent bladder ca (D4, D5)

And since there are some who are complaining about tak adil certain group je present,

for infectious diseases smua group present.

Group A & C at Auditorium.
Group B & D at Lecture Hall Year 3

Time and date remain the same.

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