Monday, November 30, 2009

IIUM mySMS Services

What is IIUM mySMS Services?

IIUM mySMS Services is a new service that allows IIUM students to request for information using SMS. It allows retrieval of information in the IIUM environment, complementing existing method such as using website, poster or announcement.

What type of information can I request via mySMS?

Currently, students can request for the following information:

  • Check Exam Result Status
  • Check Lecturer and Class Schedule/Timetable
  • Check Course Registered

For futher information : click HERE (IPhA)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Now Showing: Knock! Knock!

Salam Aidiladha to all.
May Allah accept our sacrifices that begin with His holy names!

P/S: EHem..Aidiladha..ehem..takde rumah terbuka ke? ehem!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Knock! Knock! Preview

Find out our two gorgeous guys who try their hands at making ais kacang special and our lovely ladies in da house!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

IPhA Facebook : IPhA IIUMRX

Click The Image Above & Add IPhA Facebook (official) as one of your friends!

Alhamdulillah, IPhA (IIUM Pharmacy Students’ Society) once again moves ahead by having an official IPhA's facebook profile, under Pub. & Info. Bureau.

The main objective of creating the facebook profile is to connect all IPhA members (including ex-IPhA) whenever we are. We will use it to spread any announcement, news and information, share photos, video and others that are related to IPhA and pharmacy as well. We will make sure that the method of conveying the information is fast and effective. The mechanism is through:
1)Kulliyyah website, IPhA website, I-PRESS or president blog will update the information first.
2)Facebook Team will post a status at the wall and put the link so that we can refer to that link.
3)Comments enabled at each wall status so that members can discuss and give their own opinions.

Almost everybody has his/her own facebook currently. We see that facebook can be used as one of the medium to spread the news faster than just updating any information. Besides, any members can tag their pictures to IPhA profile so that we can share the happy moment to all members.

Last but not least, we also want to maintain and continue our relationship. We can still be friends not only during undergraduate year but also after graduate from the kulliyyah.

Do add us if you are one of IPhA members including ex-ipha & KOP staffs. We will not approve anyone who are not related to us. We are really appreciated your cooperation. Do not hesitate to give us suggestions to improve any defect. Thanks!

Do add us if you are IPhA Members! ~IIUM Pharmacy Students' Society~
Email : ipha_iium(at)
*change (at) to @

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Subjects for Semester II, Year 3

1)PHM 3212 Herbal Medicine
This course is an introduction to Phytomedicine; products from plants or plant parts that are not separated as chemical products.

2)PHM 3222 Research Methodology & Biostatistics
Students are introduced to research methodology that are commonly use in the basic sciences of pharmacy such as Physiology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacy, literature search and critical assessment of scientifi c articles/reports, collection and generation of data and statistical packages and good clinical practice in clinical trial. Basic biostatistics; different types of statistical tests that are useful in a particular research and how to interpret the results obtained from statistical tests that are being performed.

3)PHM 3233 Clinical Pharmacy II
This course is a continuation of Clinical Pharmacy I. It exposes the students to clinical pharmacy services in a more detailed manner from different aspects such as organization requirements, administration and management of patients. *lain ni, sebab kita pakai silibus baru.

4)PHM 3243 Body System VI : Endocrine & Reproductive Systems
Anatomy/histology and physiology of the endocrine and reproductive systems. Common pathology involving the endocrine and reproductive systems. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the endocrine and reproductive systems.

5)PHM 3252 Body System VII : Central Nervous System
Anatomy/ histology and physiology of the central nervous system. Common pathology involving the central nervous system. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the central nervous system.

6)PHM 3261 Body System VIII : Sensory Organs
Anatomy/histology of the sensory organs: sight, smell, taste and hearing. Physiology of the sensory organs. Common pathology involving the sensory systems. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the sensory system/organs.

7)PHM 3273 Anti-infective & Cytotoxic Agents
This course discusses the principles of therapy and clinical usage of antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents. Students will be exposed to methods in identifying pathogens that are responsible for communicable diseases, in choosing the suitable agents for treatment, monitoring the effi cacy and toxicity of treatment. Characteristics of cancer cells and treatment for cancers. The role of cytotoxic agents in the treatment of cancers.

8)PHM 3281 PBL (In Pharmacy Practice) I
To study and assess patients in terms of medical history, physical signs, laboratory results and management. The study is student centred and the students study in groups. Students assessment are based on students’ participation and contribution to the study group.

9)PHM 3292 Drug Abuse <--- Elective
The course will cover the definition of drug abuse, problem of drug abuse in Malaysia, factors relating to drug abuse/addiction, drugs that are often implicated in addiction, characteristics of drugs of addiction, effects of drug
addiction, laws relating to drug of addiction and the Syariah’s view on drug addiction.

10)PHM 3022 Research Project - Practical I <--- Elective
This is a continuation of research project – literature search. Student, after the approval of the supervisor (an academic staff) will proceed with the laboratory work on the proposed research project. Students will be exposed to research activity, procedures and research discipline when conducting research.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Now Showing: The Programme Manager

You might wanna listen to the lyrics carefully and give it a thought. Enjoy this video entitled
'The Programme Manager - ..patience has it all'
for your veiewing pleasure. Happy holiday to all friends.

Tarikh Keramat

Photos @ Visit to PRN & Penang GH

Thanks Helmi Yob!

Photos @ Visit to MVP

sama2 kita menghargai persahabatan yang kita bina selama ini .......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kempen 'Bahasa'

Disebalik blog kita yang open (free access), kita kena selalu berhati-hati….

Shoutbox contohnya, sesiapa sahaja boleh komen. Sesiapa sahaja boleh menyamar pakai nama sesiapa yg dikehendakinya. Even ‘musuh’ kita boleh attack kita kat blog ni. Sama juga macam komen, anonymous boleh buat apa sahaja yg mahu dilakukannya.

Apa yang saya nk cakap disini, berhati-hatilah. Jangan cepat melatah akan sesuatu isu yang sengaja ditimbulkan. Setiap semester, pasti akan ada isu kontroversi. Harap2 lepas ni dah tak de dah kontroversi2 semua tu, kita anggap sajalah mereka yang tidak beretika itu bukan daripada kalangan kita.

Sememangnya setiap manusia ada hak masing-masing. Tetapi, hidup kita ada disiplin. Undang-undang yang akan diperketatkan kat blog ini adalah penggunaan ‘bahasa’ dan ‘adab’. Shout atau komen yang dirasakan akan mengguris mana-mana pihak akan didelete oleh admin. Sekiranya mahu menegur sesuatu, gunalah bahasa yang lembut… sekiranya sesiapa bertanyakan kat shout, jawablah sekadar yg mampu. Jgn salahkan mereka yg bertanya. Jgn hina mereka yg bertanya. Sekiranya ada tak kena pada blog ni, give us suggestion so that we can improve that defect, jgn main hentam macam tu.

Jaga ‘Bahasa’ dan ‘Adab’…. Kita mampu mengubahnya. =)

~Marilah sama-sama kita mewujudkan dunia yang harmoni~

p/s- to that outsiders, this is our class blog, all entries published are related to us. It might make you bored if you are not our members. You are free to read/visit this blog. But, please do not 'harm' us. (tiap2 sem kena remind.....)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Chief Invigilator : Dr. Zainal Akbhar Zainal
Deputy Chief Invigilator : Sr. Nurdiana Jamil

*Biotech tu xde MCQ.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Programme Manager (preview)

Mat Sharil. Dedikasi khas untuk kao. hahaha!!

To watch 'The Last 10', please click here.

Masjid UIA Kuantan

Sedang dalam pembinaan....