Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's a Blue Bunting But It is HOT!

So..the blog's looked too millitary with brief announcement and rapid update? I know u feel stressed dear.. Here is something we can sit together and talk about while having a sip of coffee. Or not?

This is a bunting placed at a square near the bank, shops..and that kebab cafe (whatchamacallit?) in IIUM Gombak. This tiny message had caught the attention of Daily Chilli's crews. So they posted on their site. Too bad, people who dropped their comments just don't understand what Islamic teachings really are.

We don't blame them, but we should guide these people. Because we're born in nature to be Islam, but not them.

The prophet said,
"Each child is born in a state of 'Fitrah', but his parents make him Jew or a Christian. It is like the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring. Have you noticed any (young animal) born mutilated before you mutilate them?"
So it's our responsibility to guide, not get unreasonably mad at those group.

Let me quote one of reader's comment to grab you eyes towards this hot issue!
"I've heard from my good friend there, some foreigners still practising 'free sex' and sometimes in their tutorial room"

Further readings and comments, HERE.


msat said...

kebanyakan komen yg ade tu pun sekadar sikap pessimis diorang jer..
takde pun yg betul2 menyuarakan pendapat...tapi aku rase student IIUM pun faham pasal tu..kalau buat mcm tu kat U lain, mesti dah kene 'band'. (agak la..~pessimis jugak aku ni. haha)

Anonymous said...

pergh... ak bace komen2 kt situ mmg abes ar uia kena attack.hoho

aizuddinmn said...

campaign ni msk suratkabar the star hari ini..

Anonymous said...

Islam dtg dlm keadaan ganjil dan pergi pon dlm keadaan ganjil..
Adakah umat islam kini menganggap ni perkara yg pelik?
Kalo begitu, nmpknya tak lama dah laa dunia ni. Bergantung pada diri sendiri nak berada dlm posisi yg mana. Nak mengikut masyarakat skarang ataupun fitrah yg Allah dah ciptakan sejak azali lagi.

Anonymous said...

oh, mmg la msuk paper star din. Sbb daily chilli ni alternative on9 news under The Star Multimedia Group. Same je artikel tu in both!

Ilham Nur said...

Liberal(Secular) value vs Islamisation(?).

Anonymous said...

tapi tu la,,,kalau isu ni dibincang sesame muslim,,senang jugak. tapi kalau nonmuslim yg discuss, memang la susah. macam isu kartika la jawabnyerr..