Saturday, November 21, 2009

Subjects for Semester II, Year 3

1)PHM 3212 Herbal Medicine
This course is an introduction to Phytomedicine; products from plants or plant parts that are not separated as chemical products.

2)PHM 3222 Research Methodology & Biostatistics
Students are introduced to research methodology that are commonly use in the basic sciences of pharmacy such as Physiology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacy, literature search and critical assessment of scientifi c articles/reports, collection and generation of data and statistical packages and good clinical practice in clinical trial. Basic biostatistics; different types of statistical tests that are useful in a particular research and how to interpret the results obtained from statistical tests that are being performed.

3)PHM 3233 Clinical Pharmacy II
This course is a continuation of Clinical Pharmacy I. It exposes the students to clinical pharmacy services in a more detailed manner from different aspects such as organization requirements, administration and management of patients. *lain ni, sebab kita pakai silibus baru.

4)PHM 3243 Body System VI : Endocrine & Reproductive Systems
Anatomy/histology and physiology of the endocrine and reproductive systems. Common pathology involving the endocrine and reproductive systems. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the endocrine and reproductive systems.

5)PHM 3252 Body System VII : Central Nervous System
Anatomy/ histology and physiology of the central nervous system. Common pathology involving the central nervous system. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the central nervous system.

6)PHM 3261 Body System VIII : Sensory Organs
Anatomy/histology of the sensory organs: sight, smell, taste and hearing. Physiology of the sensory organs. Common pathology involving the sensory systems. Pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of drugs that act on the sensory system/organs.

7)PHM 3273 Anti-infective & Cytotoxic Agents
This course discusses the principles of therapy and clinical usage of antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents. Students will be exposed to methods in identifying pathogens that are responsible for communicable diseases, in choosing the suitable agents for treatment, monitoring the effi cacy and toxicity of treatment. Characteristics of cancer cells and treatment for cancers. The role of cytotoxic agents in the treatment of cancers.

8)PHM 3281 PBL (In Pharmacy Practice) I
To study and assess patients in terms of medical history, physical signs, laboratory results and management. The study is student centred and the students study in groups. Students assessment are based on students’ participation and contribution to the study group.

9)PHM 3292 Drug Abuse <--- Elective
The course will cover the definition of drug abuse, problem of drug abuse in Malaysia, factors relating to drug abuse/addiction, drugs that are often implicated in addiction, characteristics of drugs of addiction, effects of drug
addiction, laws relating to drug of addiction and the Syariah’s view on drug addiction.

10)PHM 3022 Research Project - Practical I <--- Elective
This is a continuation of research project – literature search. Student, after the approval of the supervisor (an academic staff) will proceed with the laboratory work on the proposed research project. Students will be exposed to research activity, procedures and research discipline when conducting research.


selotep said...

apsal la herbal medicine core?? industry elective pulak.. heran betul

shamel said...


mat said...

waah..banyak! tapi aku nak amek semueeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shamel said...

aku pon. mesti tamakkan ilmu! yeahhh

Anonymous said...

byk gle subjek sem depan campur yg kene repeat lg..mampukah aku???..hahahahha

Syahrir bin Zaini said...

semester yg mgkn menyebabkan korg culture shock
- exam oriented to knowledge oriented -
tp mgkn gak tak dgn lecturer dan silibus yg baru
antara subjek yg mencabar
1. PBL - perlu byk belajar sendiri
2. AICA - perlu baca buku
3. CNS - sama seperti no 2
4. Sensory - sama seperti no 2
p/s: subjek 2,3,4 dimonopoli oleh dr razak =)

Nono.. said...

habis la dr. razak ajar byk nampak.... hoho.. thanks syahrir

classmate said...

takde nota ler nampaknyer...