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Patients can now fulfil prescriptions via post, says Liow


PUTRAJAYA: Patients suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension need not travel far distances or wait in queue for hours as they can now obtain their medication via post, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow said the Pos 1Malaysia Medication Service which started at the Putrajaya Hospital on a trial basis in 2009 would now be expanded nationwide.

It is meant for patients suffering from chronic diseases who are in stable condition and on long-term medication.

“These patients need to continuously take the medication prescribed to them but sometimes miss their appointments to collect the medication.

“We expect thousands of people to apply for the service after today’s launch,” he said at a press conference after launching the service here yesterday.

It is available at 26 major hospitals nationwide as well as the Putrajaya Health Clinic and the Luyang Health Clinic in Sabah.

Patients only need to register once for the service and the medication would then be sent at a cost of RM3.50 within the Putrajaya area, RM5 to all other parts of Peninsular Malaysia and RM8 in Sabah and Sarawak.

Liow said the service is in line with the ministry’s aim to reduce the number of patients collecting their medication from the pharmacy, which currently stood at over 31 million prescriptions.

He said it was an expansion of value-added services already offered including the integrated medication dispensing system (SPUB), SMS and collect, phone and collect and the drive-through pharmacy.

The SPUB service is now available at 136 hospitals and 532 health clinics nationwide.

The SMS and collect service is currently available at 66 hospitals and 44 clinics.

The phone and collect service is available at 61 hospitals and 36 clinics and finally, the drive through service is offered at three hospitals and 14 clinics.

On the safety of the medication delivered through the Pos 1Malaysia service, Liow said all medicines were packed by the pharmacy staff to avoid tampering while serial numbers would enable postal staff to track the parcels.

The Star 25/1/2011



Latest info: Interview SPA will be held on the end of FEBRUARY, not after this Chinese New Year holiday..might be on 22-24hb/2/2011..
Any changes regarding interview session will be informed later..

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Presentation esok..

Case Presentation Schedule

Pharmacotherapeutics II & Clinical Pharmacy II

Date: January 25, 2011

Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 noon

Venue 2: Lecture Hall Year 4



Case titles

8:31 – 8:45 am


DM with HHNS

8:46 – 9:00 am


DM with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)

9:01 – 9:15 am


DM with DKA 2 to URTI

9:16 – 9:30 am



9:31 – 9:45 am


Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)

9:46 – 10:00 am


Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)

10:01 – 10:15 am


Uncontrolled type 2 DM 2 to noncompliance to medications

10:16 – 10:30 am


Hypoglycemia 2 to poor oral intake

10:31 – 10:45 am



10:46 – 11:00 am


LV failure 2 to NSTEMI with underlying DM, HTN & hyperlipidemia

11:01 – 11:15 am


DM with diabetic nephropathy

11:16 – 11:30 am


Hypoglycemia 2 poor oral intake

11:31 – 11:45 am


Uncontrolled DM complicated by urosepsis

11:46 – 12:00 am



Final comments by evaluators

*Note: Group E6 will not present their case due to irrelevancy of their case to endocrine disorders.


1. Dr. Che Suraya bt. Mat Zin

2. Mdm. Nurdiana bt. Jamil

3. Mdm. Nurul Azrin bt Abdul Rahman

4. Br. Qais Mohammad Ahmad Al-Efan.

Case Presentation Schedule

Pharmacotherapeutics II & Clinical Pharmacy II

Date: January 25, 2011

Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 noon

Venue 1: Lecture Hall Year 3



Case titles

8:31 – 8:45 am



8:46 – 9:00 am



9:01 – 9:15 am


DM complicated by melioidosis

9:16 – 9:30 am


Community acquired pneumonia secondry underlying DM, CKD and acute coronary syndrome

9:31 – 9:45 am


Right axillary curbuncle, DM type 1

9:46 – 10:00 am


DM type 2

10:01 – 10:15 am


DM type 2 with ischemic heart disease and CKD

10:16 – 10:30 am


Decompensated Cardiac Failure secondary Chronic Cardiac Failure

10:31 – 10:45 am


Fluid overload secondary to decompensated Chronic Liver Disease precipitated by Community Acquired Pneumonia with underlying Diabetes Mellitus

10:46 – 11:00 am


Uncontrolled Type 2 DM

11:01 – 11:15 am


Acute gouty arthritis

11:16 – 11:30 am


Appendicitis with underlying DM and HTN

11:31 – 11:45 am


Type 1 DM

11:46 – 12:00 am


Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)

12:01 – 12:15 pm


Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU)

Final comments by evaluators


1. Dr. Zainol Akbar bin Zainal

2. Mdm. Hjh. Rohani bt. Mat Nor

3. Mdm. Siti Halimah Bux bt. Shaikh Rahman Bux

4.Br. Mohd. Hafiz b. Abdul Azi

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PT presentation

sini ada pembetulan maklumat br mengenai PT presentation hr selasa nih

GROUP A akan present 1 case ja..tapi jgn bg sama ngan case laen
cthnya group A3 ngan A5 ada dpt case yg sama ;melioidosis..
so x leh la dua2 group present case yg sama..

harap maklum..tq

SEdikit tiPS for QUIZ ETHICS & LAW!!

Salam...sedikit info from MDM hadijah
-Quiz ethic & law (OPEN BOOK), RABU-11.30am
-Soalan xbyk, mdm ckp mgkn 1/2 soalan je...
-Soalan berdasarkan poison book, so studyla mcm mane nak gune poison book, cane nak cari section2 dlm poison book tu...familiarkan diri msg2 ngn buku tu..
all d best...tqvm..

Frame (All Batches Rx6 - Rx9)

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Workshop Admin @ 8/2/2011

Salam kpd semua,

Seperti semua tahu, pada 8/2/2011 kita ada workshop Admin & Management kt Exam Hall 2 start 8am - 430pm insyaAllah.

Pagi tu kita ada briefing stgh jam, kemudian kita prepare in group utk presentation ptg tu psl business management. Preparation tu akan dibantu oleh 3 org facilitator (Mdm Halimah, Mdm Hadijah & Bro Abu Sapian).

Psl presentation pula, leader setiap group akan present apa yg kita dah kita prepare pada sesi pagi tu. presentation selama 20 minutes. Workshop ni carry 20%, so kena buat elok2. Wajib semua datang.

Grouping Admin boleh refer kt sini - (ada 12 group semua)

Tea break@1oam & lunch@1230 pm, kulliyyah of pharmacy akan support!

The best presentation (based on facilitator's evaluation) akan dpt hadiah yg best!

apa2 perubahan akan saya update dari masa ke semasa, sekian.

The Assignment

The written report (double spaced with 12-point type in the 12-20 -pages range) is essentially a BUSINESS PLAN for a company or business unit of your choice. The document should be in the following format:

• Executive Summary
• Current Situation (existed) / Business concept (not exist)
o Background of the company
o Description of the company
• Market Research and Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Access Clinical and Quality requirement
• Operational Structure and Process
• Marketing Strategy
• Financial Projection
• Milestone Schedule and Action Plans
• Critical Risk and Opportunities
• Controls
• Exit Strategies
• Conclusion
• References
• Supportive Documents in Appendix

The business plan is designed to provide justification for pursuing opportunities in given markets. A well researched, and well written, plan should allow the reader to draw the same conclusions as the author(s).

The Executive Summary should highlight key points from all sections of the plan. The Current Situation Analysis describes how the world is. Essentially, it transforms vast quantities of data into usable sets of information that are analyzed in subsequent sections of the plan. The SWOT Analysis consolidates and highlights those aspects of the Current Situation Analysis that indicate where (Opportunities) the firm should apply its resources (Strengths), while flagging potential problems at the firm (Weaknesses) and in the external environment (Threats). In conjunction with Past Performance section of the Current Situation Analysis, it should lead logically to the plan’s Goals and Objectives. In other words, from the information presented in the first two sections, the reader should be able to see that the plan’s goals are reasonable.

The Marketing Strategy section provides the basis for believing that the firm’s goals will be met. This section should walk through the four strategy sub-processes of defining, segmenting and targeting markets, and positioning within a targeted market segment. The Marketing Mix Action Plans illustrate how the marketing strategy will be implemented in the targeted markets to achieve its positioning objectives. Each marketing mix represents what the firm will present to a market and is comprised of the 4 P’s. Marketing research is very helpful in both of these sections. It is used to establish who the customers are and how to appeal to their wants and needs.

Finally, Controls are contingency plans that could be implemented if results deviate significantly (negatively or positively) from those stated in the plan. Activation of contingency plans usually results from either incorrect assumptions or unanticipated changes in market conditions. The last step is to establish exit plan where the objectives are impossible to met.

Your written paper will be graded on the basis of its logical consistency and depth of analysis. Specifically, I will consider the following:

Description (20%): Reflects the understanding of relevant Business, Situational, Competitive and Company factors. This information is the basis for subsequent analyses.

Analysis (20%): Reflects the extent to which data are combined, massaged and synthesized to support inferences, methods or conclusions.

Interpretation (20%): Reflects the logical consistency between data, analyses and projections in the subsequent development of the objectives and strategy. It also reflects the use and creativity of assumptions throughout the paper. For instance, are your plans consistent with your expressed business- strategy?

Application (20%): Reflects the depth of the relationship between the Business plan, marketing strategy and action plans—are you meeting the markets’ demands relative to your strengths and weaknesses.

Presentation (20%): Reflects the papers appearance and readability. Appearance includes the look and format of the paper, while readability includes its grammar and flow.

The reviews or relevant topic

Topics will be assigned during the tutorial. Report should include:
i. Overview of the concept/topic.
ii. Applications of the concepts
iii. Research potentials of the concepts
iv. References.

The students will be assigned in a group (about 12 groups) and expected to conduct about 20 minutes presentation in class and mark will be given.

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1) Business Planning Assignment
Workshop Admin & Management (8/2- Selasa) hanya ade discussion & presentation untuk Business Planning Assgmnt..
sape2 yg present sama ade group leader or others member akan diconpem later...

2) Inventory Assignment
Lokasi setiap group:
GP 1- Pharm.Tech LAB (Documentation)
GP 2-Stationary store at Admin Office (Arrangement)
GP3-Pharm Chem LAB (Arrangement)
GP4-Pharm TEch LAB (Arrangement)
GP5-Store beside Prof Noriah room
GP6-Pharm. Prac LAB (Documentation)
GP7-Health Center
GP8-Pharm Chem Lab (Documentation)
GP9-Stationary store at Admin Office (Documentation)
GP10-BMS LAB (Documentation)
GP11-Pharm Prac LAB (Arrangement)
GP12-BMS LAB (Arrangement)

Inventory control assignment- 1)identify problem
2)check on system available (computer system,manual)
3)purchasing procedure
4) result/discussion/proposed on improvement of current system

P/s: inventory asgment due date belum ditentukan lagi.. waktu workshop (dua hari lepas cuti raye cina) hanya discus &present pasal business assignment only!!!!so, group leader cepat2 la bagi tugas kat group member ye....TQVM