Monday, November 23, 2009

IPhA Facebook : IPhA IIUMRX

Click The Image Above & Add IPhA Facebook (official) as one of your friends!

Alhamdulillah, IPhA (IIUM Pharmacy Students’ Society) once again moves ahead by having an official IPhA's facebook profile, under Pub. & Info. Bureau.

The main objective of creating the facebook profile is to connect all IPhA members (including ex-IPhA) whenever we are. We will use it to spread any announcement, news and information, share photos, video and others that are related to IPhA and pharmacy as well. We will make sure that the method of conveying the information is fast and effective. The mechanism is through:
1)Kulliyyah website, IPhA website, I-PRESS or president blog will update the information first.
2)Facebook Team will post a status at the wall and put the link so that we can refer to that link.
3)Comments enabled at each wall status so that members can discuss and give their own opinions.

Almost everybody has his/her own facebook currently. We see that facebook can be used as one of the medium to spread the news faster than just updating any information. Besides, any members can tag their pictures to IPhA profile so that we can share the happy moment to all members.

Last but not least, we also want to maintain and continue our relationship. We can still be friends not only during undergraduate year but also after graduate from the kulliyyah.

Do add us if you are one of IPhA members including ex-ipha & KOP staffs. We will not approve anyone who are not related to us. We are really appreciated your cooperation. Do not hesitate to give us suggestions to improve any defect. Thanks!

Do add us if you are IPhA Members! ~IIUM Pharmacy Students' Society~
Email : ipha_iium(at)
*change (at) to @

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