Thursday, October 7, 2010

A well-organised AGM by Rx6

This was our last chance of attending AGM. And it ended so well. From the creative arrangement of chairs, heart-warming multimedia presentation to the expert handling of programme flow, everything ran so smooth.

You guys are lovely. Thanks also to those who are not in the photos.


Apai said...

shamel aku suke sume gamba2 nih hahahahahahahahha keep it up bro :) once a family always a family ;)

matto said...

"thanks also to those who are not in the photos"

Aku lah tu...takpe2 thanks accepted.
Haha...macam la aku ni comittee.

Anonymous said...

tp smlm is actually the best AGM I hve ever attended..Tq to the cmmtee..moga Allah beri gnjrn yg setimpal ats sgala keje yg anda lakukan dgn IKHLAS..InsyaAllah.

debonairs88 said...

not in the photos oso! :'(

Shamel said...

Hmm.. kak tiqah ade suh amik gamba rmai2 pas abes agm smlm tp lpas borak2 post mortem ble teringat org2 da balik da. hehe. sori weh!