Monday, October 11, 2010


kawan-kawan, final da nak dekat da.
bole la start susun note masing masing biar nanti nak dekat final, xde note yang missing..
dekat bawah ni, list note yang da dapat stakat ni (UNTIL 11 OCT 2010, 1130 pm)..utk subject OTC n CN, akan di update nanti. TQ

QA (10 notes)
lecture 1 n 2: Introduction to QA/QC
lecture 3 n 4: pharmaceutical waste disposal
lecture 5 n 6:analytical instruments
lecture 7 n 8: chromatographic QC
lecture 9 n 10: QC of solid dosage forms (phy characteristics)+disintegration and dissolution tests
lecture 11 n 12: particulate matters in parenteral preparation+microb QC of parenteral preparation
lecture 13: industrial QC
lecture 14: ISO 9001
lecture 15: sterility test method
lecture 16: pharmaceutical packaging

SAT (15 notes)
lecture 1: introduction to sterilization and aseptic technology
lecture 2: types of sterile product & effects of contamination
lecture 3 n 4: method of sterilization (heat sterilization) **sila tambah lecture 4
lecture 5:sterilization by dry heat
lecture 6: gases sterilization
lecture 7: sterilization by hydrogen peroxide
lecture 8: sterilization radiation
lecture 9: sterilization by filtration
lecture 10: validation
lecture 11: basic principles of GMP
lecture 12: basic principles of GMp-material
lecture 13: monitoring of sterilization
lecture 14: aseptic media fills
lecture 15:sterility test
lecture 16: pyrogens

PE (11notes)
lecture 1: what is PE?
lecture 2: basic principles of clinical pharmacology relevant to PE studies
lecture 3: study designs available for PE studies
lecture 4: statistical analysis
lecture 5: sources of data in PE
lecture 6: studies of drug utilization
lecture 7: screening of unknown effects of newly marketed drugs
lecture 8: the use PE to study beneficial drug effect
lecture 9: PE in pharmacy practice
lecture 10: intro to pharm-econs
lecture 11: methods of PE analysis

DDII (24 notes)
lecture 1: intro to DD II
lecture 2 n 3:tablet
lecture 4: compression & compaction of powders
lecture 5: capsule
lecture 6 n 7:tablet coating
lecture 8: hard gelatin capsules
lecture 9: soft gelatin capsules
lecture 10 n 11: compendia requirements and testing of capsule
lecture 12: creams-introduction
lecture 13:cream formulation
lecture 14: packaging of cream /ointment
lecture 15: structure & function of human skin
lecture 16: drug transport through the skin
lecture 17: properties that influence transdermal delivery
lecture 18: methods for studying transdermal drug deliveru
lecture 19: transdermal therapeutic system
lecture 20: solid oral modified-release dosage form (part 1)
lecture 21: solid oral modified-release dosage form (part 2)
lecture 22:pulmonary drug delivery 1
lecture 23: methods of aerosol size analysis
lecture 24: therapeutic inhalation aerosols
lecture 25: nasal drug delivery
lecture 26: novel drug delivery system
lecture 27: novel drug delivery II

PHARM PRACT (9 notes)
lecture 1: MMT in M’sia
lecture 2: MTAC diabetes
lecture 3: MTAC warfarin
lecture 4: respiratory MTAC in HTAA
lecture 5: pub health 1:role of pharmacists in smoking cessation
lecture 6: pub health 2: vaccination
lecture 7 n 8: cancer therapy, perspective & implementation in m’sia+research in pharm pract**sila tambah lecture 7 n 8
lecture 9:HMR
lecture 10:disaster management

PT 1 (19notes) **sila tulis semula no lecture utk semua note
** note PT utk sem ni SEMUA da dapat.

lecture 1:PT of HTN
lecture 2:PT of HF
lecture 3:PT of IHD
lecture 4:PT of ACS
lecture 5:PT of Dyslipidemia
lecture 6:PT of AFib
lecture 7:PT of VTE
lecture 8:PT of anemia
lecture 9:Asthma
lecture 10:COPD
lecture 11:PT of GERD
lecture 12:PT of PUD
lecture 13:IBD
lecture 14:PT of portal HTN & cirrhosis
lecture 15:PT of pancreatitis & viral hepatitis
lecture 16:Acute Renal Failure
lecture 17:CKD
lecture 18:PT of BPH
lecture 19: PT of urinary incontinence+ED

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