Monday, May 9, 2011

Update 3 : ANR UIA

salam. saya br shj contact ANR UIA kt gombak (lama jgk kena tgg br blh ckp dgn pegawai yg menguruskan hal ni)

1. In order to do clearance, kita kena tunggu result kita berstatus GR (graduated). Status ni kulliyyah yang uruskan.

When can I do clearance?
I am a graduating student, when should I do clearance?
You can do clearance when the Office of the Deputy Deans (Human Sciences) has updated your status as graduated (GR). We will check all graduating students’ status after the final examination results are released to students. Please allow at least 5 working days from the day results are released for us to complete the checking and updating.

Once your status is graduated (GR), you may print ‘Clearance’ form at The form is grouped under ‘STUDENT’S FORMS’ - ‘Graduations & Convocations’.

How can I get full academic transcript?
When can I get my full transcript?
The office of the Deputy Deans (Human Sciences) only provides partial academic transcript. You are eligible to obtain your full academic transcript only after:
1)your status has been updated as ‘GR’ (graduated) by Office of the Deputy Deans (Human Sciences);
2)your graduation has been endorsed by the University Senate;
3)you have done your clearance.

Once the three conditions have been fulfilled, you may collect your full academic transcript at the Admissions and Records Division (A&R).

 p/s- i think KOP should also guide us on what to do after graduate and bla bla....


Anonymous said...

Aritu ada tny batch atas, diorang ckp nanti dlm clearance form tu kena mintak 3 org penting uia sign tapi dah lupa sapa.. one of them Ustaz Mat Ali.. lagi 2 tak ingat dah.. so make sure diorang ada, nanti kita hantar sama2 kt each of them.. mungkin boleh buat group kecik2.. k

malaysia said...

ade 5 sume, security, ocd, library, mahallah ngn finance.