Monday, May 9, 2011

Submission of Graduation Form?

 Saya tengok calendar uia kt sini (

Submission of graduation form perlu dibuat pada 25-30 May 2011.

Saya rujuk ANR IIUM (

How to do the clearance?
Students must submit the completed 'Clearance Form' together with the 'Application for Full Transcript Form' to A&R Division. The official full transcript will only be released after the senate endorses students' graduation. 

Graduation form?

Form utk dptkan full transcript -
(kena submit skali dgn clearance form)

p/s- hmm..susah btl xde guideline ap yg kita kena buat lps dpt result... saya akan contact ANR iium nnti insyaallah. apa2 info sy update.

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Anonymous said...

maknenye graduation form kne isi & bawa skali time clearance ke?