Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Check Result Via SMS

How do I use these services?
 a. You must register your mobile number via Student Portal. Please refer to the mySMS Mobile Registration User Guide for the steps.
b. You will need to send SMS in a standard format depending on the information you would like to receive. Please refer to the IIUM mySMS Services User Manual for the SMS format.

Check Exam Result (RESULT)

Step 1: Select "Write Messages"
Step 2: Enter IIUMRESULTMatric NoSMS PINSession Semester
e.g. IIUM RESULT 0010056 abc1234 2009/2010 2 
Step 3 : "Send" the message to the following number (15888)
Step 4: You will receive a reply message that contain these information :
( IIUM : [GPA],[CGPA],[STATUS],[Course Code][Result]; )
IIUM: GPA:2.923 CGPA:2.923 STATUS:PASS;COMM1010 B;HIST1000 C ;LM2020 C; PSCI1010 A-;RKGS2010 B;

A charge for sending SMS is RM 0.15 per SMS. The charges for receiving SMS ( the information that you requested for) is RM 0.20 per SMS.

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