Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sun rises from west

The science of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward the eastern direction in the few past weeks to the level we notice the "waver"between the east and the west..and on Wednesday the 30th of July the planet movement stopped going toward the eastern direction..Then in the months of August and September...Mars changed its course inthe opposite direction to theWest- and that until the end ofSeptember..which means the sun will rise now from the west on Mars!! And thisweird phenomena of the oppositemovement called "Retrograde Motion" Mostscientist state that all theplanets will go through the same once atleast and our planet Earth isone of them. Planet Earth will move inthe opposite direction some dayand the sun will rise from the west!!


mutiaraTL said...

owh?!masya Allah.subhanallah..

Anonymous said...

dekatkan diriku dengan diriMu..