Sunday, August 10, 2008

IIUM Kuantan Mosque on Progress

Salam all my friends. How is your life today?

Well, this entry is about our new IIUM Mosque that is currently being built. Some pictures were uploaded to clarify the information.

Hopefully, the mosque will be completed before we graduate, Insyaallah. Together we pray for it so that we can pray inside it.

IIUM Kuantan Campus (Indera Mahkota).

Dial 09-571-6400 followed by XXXX - AA (Auto Attendance Number)(where XXXX is any direct number ranging between 6401 until 6799)

Dial 09-571-6400 followed by XXXX - (where XXXX is any extension number begin with 2XXX - 3XXX)


Shamel said...

yehoo..da ade masjid ye.
tp..kite duk luar.
so..smyg pon kat masjid area umah.
dtg uia utk smyg jumaat je la jawabnye.

mutiaraTL said...

suka nya ada masjid..