Tuesday, August 12, 2008

new timetable


here's the the link for the new timetable (updated 08/08/08). Sorry for the delay.

(i'm providing this bcoz our kulliyyah's portal is not working well lately, however when the portal is okey, i will not provide the link anymore. Please make use of the kulliyyah's portal)



For those who already completed their JPA clain form, you may submit it to the STAD office.

Those who are not, please complete first the pharmacy's chop coz our kulliyyah will not entertain any forms without the pharmacy's chop. After completing that part, you may request for the dean's approval. finally submit it to the STAD office.

No due date but the longer you take to submit the form, well, the longer you will get the claim..




aizuddin mohd noor said...

terima kasih kerna berusaha bersungguh2 utk kelas..semoga usaha anda d berkati ALLAH..

amin said...

sape thebuzzingbee ni ek.abang izani ke?:-P

thanx 4 da timetable. senang skit nk refer

IIUM Pharmacy 6th Batch said...


borang claim JPA