Friday, August 8, 2008

‘My Computer’ takes a long time to open?

Salam my friends. How is your computer?either laptop or desktop? :P

Is there a problem to open ‘My Computer’ that takes a long time about 1-2 minutes to load all drive disk after the screen showing the desktop icon (when you firstly turn on your computer)

If you face that problem, I suggest you to continue reading this entry because there is a solution to fix the problem.

How?? Just go to Start > Control Panel (do not forget to switch to classic view) > Administrative Tools > Services > Go to ‘Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)’(double click) > change automatic @ manual to disabled at startup type > Apply > OK > Restart your computer > try to open your ‘My Computer’ instantly after your desktop icons appear. Any changes? Alhamdulillah.. ;) Look the following picture for further understanding

It only disables the startup service for scanners & cameras. But, you can still install your cameras/scanners since they are plug and play devices (some devices need their own drivers)

I have tried this solution and it is work, Alhamdulillah. Good luck my friends!

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jgarcia said...

Had the same issue. This worked like a CHAMP!