Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Manusia yg semakin gila dan pelik...

If anyone read last week's Star newspaper (sorry x ingat hari ape...), there was an article, a very disturbing article that questioned how brainless homosapiens may become these days. I taken this article from bbc news...

Two-year-old Indian 'marries dog'

A two-year-old boy has been "married" to a dog in eastern India to "ward off evil spirits and bad luck".

The "marriage" took place in a village in Jajpur district on Monday.

The "groom", Sagula Munda, was taken to the house of the dog, called Jyoti, in a highly decorated rickshaw and priests solemnised the ceremony.

The boy's father said such "marriages" were a tradition and would help ease the bad omen of the tooth rooted in Sagula's upper gum.

(The "bride" and the baby groom)

Tribal deity

The "marriage" was in the tribal-dominated Patarpur village.

Like in every Hindu marriage, the priests chanted Sankrit prayers and hymns and there was an accompanying feast.

The boy's father, Sanrumula Munda, said of the wedding: "Tribals not only in this state but also in neighbouring Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, observe such practices to keep the evil spirits away."

Arranging "marriages" with dogs kept children protected from ghosts and bad luck, he said.

The parents of Sagula and other local people consider the biological tooth defect a bad omen both for the family and neighbours.

The "bride's" father, Parakrama Munda, said: "This is just a ceremony to please the tribal deity - in the great epic Mahabharat a dog helped the Pandavas reach heaven."

He said it was a superstition, like wearing a stone or a talisman.

One attending resident, Dushmant Rout, said the "bride" had spent a few hours at the "groom's" house "but not inside the room... she stayed on the verandah".

Hmm...buzzing bee heard lots of nonsense things that human do to avoid bad karma, but marrying your child to a dog...thats even crazier...Ntah la...Bukan ke manusia mempunyai akal yg mampu berfikir logik? Pelik...pelik


Anonymous said...

manusia pk mcm2 untuk dapatkan ketenangan. yg pelik2 pun boleh difikrkannya. 'hebat' sungguh manusia!

hamba ALLAH said...

itulah keje org x bertuhan...