Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reminder : Industrial Pharmacy Assignment

PHM2292 Industrial Pharmacy and Regulations


Year 2008/9

Please observe the following:

1,Students shall submit the assignment by Thursday 26-Feb-2009 15:00, to the attention of Dr. Kausar Ahmad.

2.This assignment is a component of the course assessment and is worth 10% of the total assessment for PHM2272. Heavy penalty for late submission.

3.Graphs, Tables and relevant illustrations may be included for clarity.

4.References must be indicated clearly using standard format of referencing.

5.Assignment must be typed using Times New Roman font, size 12, single-spaced with 20 mm margins. 6.Preferably print on both sides.

7.Please refer to Assignment Rubric as a guide to grading.

8.Please refer to the last section in Writing Reports as a guide to writing.

9.Please indicate number of words used in parentheses, after the last paragraph.

In approximately 1500 words, write a proposal to manufacture the best dosage form for any ONE of the herbs listed in Table 1 after considering their therapeutic values and most effective route for drug delivery.

Refer : HERE or download assigment

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