Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pharmacy Board Guidelines

Registration as Pharmacists and Cumpulsory Service with the Government (0.04 MB)

Guideline I:
How to register and work as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (0.03 MB)

Guideline II:
How to register and work as Fully Registerd Pharmacist (0.04 MB)

Guideline III:
How to apply for exemption from Provisional Registration and to register and work as Fully Registerd Pharmacist (0.04 MB)

Guideline IV:
a) How do foreign spouses (who are pharmacists) of Malaysians/ foreigners with working permits (0.03 MB) register as pharmacist in Malaysia
b) How do specific foreigners (who are pharmacists) register as pharmacists in Malaysia

Guideline V: How to obtain exemption from cumpulsory service (0.03 MB)

Guidelines on Approval and Recognition of A Pharmacy Programme

Table of Content
Document 1: Vision, Mission and Goals
Document 2: General Characteristics of Pharmacy Degree Programme: Curriculum Design and Delivery
Document 3: The Educational Programme
Document 4: student Selection and Support Services
Document 5: Teaching / Academic Staff
Document 6: Educational Resources
Document 7: Programme Monitoring and Review
Document 8: Leadership, Governance and Administration
Document 9: Total Continual Quality Improvement
Document 10: Self-Critique and Outcome Measures of the Pharmacy Programme

Tak rugi jika anda mengetahui maklumat berkaitan program farmasi di Malaysia. Klik HERE(Pharmacy.Gov.My) and read all the guidelines provided.

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