Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overview of Week 4

As usual, this is a reminder for me and also all my beloved friends. Tomorrow is the beginning of Week 5.

Mid. Semester Exam is on Week 8, 3 weeks left. These are what we have learnt last week. Let’s us recall together.

Week 4

1.Mixing (continue mixing first class) – Dr. Mohamed

2.Atomic Absorption & Fluorescent Spectrometry II – Dr. Helal

3.Hypertension – Prof. Tariq

4.Herb With Anti-Oxidant Properties (Practical Group 1 Cosmetic) – Dr. Retno

5.Characteristic of Colloid – Dr. Kausar

6.Gastric Acid Secretion & Regulation – Prof. Noriah

7.Atomic Emission Spectrometry – Dr. Helal

8.Microscopical Identification of Medicinal Plant (Practical) – Dr. Norazian

9.Preparation of oil-in-water emulsion (Practical) – Bro. Sufian

10.Antihypertensive Drugs – Dr. Bala

11.Function of Pancreas, Liver & Gall Bladder – Prof. Noriah

12.Kidney Function – Prof. Noriah

13.Stabilisation of Colloid Systems – Dr. Kausar

14.Drying – Dr. Mohamed

15.Carotenoids – Dr. Norazian

16.Molecular Absorption Spectrometry – Dr. Helal

17.Respiratory & Cardiovascular System (Practical) – Prof. Jalal

18.Lipid – Dr. Maryanto

May Allah bless our live in this temporary world. We can ‘dissappear’ anytime He want, be prepared… Beware of the demotivating factors!

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