Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overview of Week 3

Tomorrow is the beginning of the week 4. These are the overview of what have we learned last week (Week 3) for 5 days. Let’s recall the lectures.

Week 3
1.Myocardial Function – Prof. Noriah
2.Quantitative & Instrumental Analysis – Dr. Helal
3.Phytoestrogen – Dr. May
4.Signal & Noise in Intrumental Analysis – Dr. Helal
5.Spectroscopy – Dr. Helal
6.Cardiac Cycle, Heart Sound & Cardiac Output – Prof. Noriah
7.Colloid Stability – Dr. Kausar
8.Macroscopy Identification of Medicinal Plant (P) – Dr. Norazian
9.Interfacial Tension in The Presence of Surfactants (P) – Dr. Maryanto & Bro. Sufian
10.Blood Pressure Regulation – Prof. Noriah
11.Carbohydrate – Dr. Maryanto
12.Atomic Absorption & Fluorescent Spectrometry – Dr. Helal
13.Flavonoids – Dr. Qamar
14.Cardiovascular Reflexes – Prof. Noriah
15.Regional Circulation, Postures – Prof. Noriah
16.Colloid Characteristic – Dr. Kausar

Let’s get rid of all noises (demotivating factors) & acquire the best signal (desired output & successful student) for this week and throughout our life in this temporary world.

-You are what you think. You feel what you want.-

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