Sunday, January 4, 2009

Overview of Week 2

Tomorrow is the beginning of the week 3. These are the overview of what have we learned last week (Week 2) for 2 days. Let’s recall the lectures.

Week 2

1-Mediastinum & Diaphragm – Dr. Abu

2-Colloid I & II – Dr. Kausar

3-Histology of respiratory – Prof Jalal

4-Liver, Biliary System & Pancrease – Dr. Abu

5-Polyphenol – Dr. Qamar

6-Rectum &Anal Canal – Prof. Jalal

7-Bladder & Urethra – Prof. Jalal

8-Carbohydrate – Dr. Maryanto (no class)

Missed/Postponed Class :

1-Surfactant – Dr. Maryanto (should be week 1)

2-Classifying Nutraceutical – Dr. Retno (should be week 2)

3-Carbohydrate – Dr. Maryanto (should be week 2)

Refresh ourself, remove the negative thinking and all the things that can destroy us. Let’s start a new life tomorrow..

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