Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Submit report online

step 1: click --> http://elearn.iiu.edu.my/ and login
step 2: click on e-learning tab
step 3: click on resources tab

Step 4: select kulliyyah of pharmacy
step 5: search Dosage Design I - [farahidah mohamed] and click subscribe
Step 6: wait Dr approve your subscription (better tell Dr that ou subscribe her)

Step 7: after approval, click my desktop

your desktop should appear like this
step 8: click dropbox
and this would appear

step 9: click on the envelope picture, and this would appear

step 10: just browse your file and choose no for grouping assignment

step 11: click submit

The end...

Adeh penat ambil n upload gamba...

Tak perlu print.. semua nya di hujung jari anda..


Amin said...

thanks amal! really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

wah! bagoz nye! sgt interactive! thanx a lot!!