Monday, October 26, 2009

Berkenaan OSCE

All are about pharmacy services.
Ada 12 stations – 7 active and 5 resting stations
Come earlier and kena quarantine dulu. Mereka yg group awal2 pun kena quarantine jgk. Tgk timing & venue kt bawah ni.

Bring calculator, ,matric card, wear white coat, no sweater/jacket & no reference books!
Do not write anything on the reading material or table.
10% of final examination.

What are being accessed?
-Communication skill > content > clinical skill > whole performance

Wing A = level 5 (lecturer's room, atas cafe)
Wing B = level 4 (lecturer's room, atas cafe)
*datang awal sbb tkt tetiba venue tukar.. sbb ni 1st time.

Grouping OSCE


Anonymous said...

x faham la aku.. kenape tibe2 ade group?? yg aku tau session bile, and time bile..macammane nak tentukan group ni?? wing A grp ape, wing b gp ape?

IIUM Pharmacy 6th Batch said...

ak pun ak rase sbb ada 4session kn.jd cuba synchronizekan dgn group 1-4 ni.

wing A tu venue OSCE kt level 5, B=level 4.

Anonymous said...

group aka session 4 tu ade satu venue je ke??

Anonymous said...

Pelikla group ni.. grup 1,2,3 ada 2 venu. grup 4 ada 1.padahal semua ada 4 grup besar..pecah wing je.
quarantine time tu,contoh grup 1, venu dah lain,tapi nape bukan masa yg sama?

Anonymous said...

rakan2, 2 venue tu bmaksud, before xm and after xm. Meaning, b4 xm kite kena quarantine. After pon same, tp kejap je smpai the next group msuk venue xm msg2, baru dilepaskan kot.

so that's y grup 4 ade 1 je venue quarantine sbb no more group lpas tu. So, flow die utk osce ni camni..

1. dtg utk kuarantin dkt venue 1st (as stated in the table)

2. bergerak ke wing masing2.

3. Abes xm, masuk ke 2nd quarantine venue (exam hall), while the other group move to their respective wing.

4. Then baru korang dilepaskan.

Jelas? Insyaallah, dtg awal..tiadalah masalah!

Anonymous said...