Sunday, December 21, 2008

Survey During Semester Break

For your information, we have done a survey on ‘how many times do you enter this blog’ ( during our semester break. We found that :

1-13 of us entered this blog more than 3 times a day

2-4 members entered 2-3 times a day

3-2 members entered once a day

4-3 members entered once per 2 days

5-9 members entered once per less than 2 days

In conclusion, 31 of us entered this blog during the holidays which comprised approximately 36% of our batch members. It is a good indicator for us to make this analysis. From the result, we can together improve whatever we should improve. But this survey is not totally reliable due to some possibility that :

a)the members might vote more than one

b)the members might forget accidentally or unaccidentally to vote the poll

c) the outsiders might also vote for the poll

d)anymore possibilities?

Last but not least, we need your contribution to make this blog alive. Do all the best for the new semester, new year and new resolution.

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