Monday, December 29, 2008

Overview Week 1

Tomorrow is the week 2. These are the overview of what have we learned last week (Week 1) for 3 days. Let’s recall the lectures.

Week 1 :
1-Intro to CVS – Prof. Jalal
2-Surface Anatomy of the Thorax – Dr. Abu
3-Natural Product/Intro. to Pharmacognosy – Dr. Retno
4-Briefing by Dr. Kausar
5-Kidney & Ureter I & II– Prof. Jalal
6-Intro to Nutraceutical & Cosmaceutical – Dr. Retno
7-Small & Large Intestine – Dr. Abu
8-Gross Anatomy of the Chest Wall – Dr. Abu
9-Surfactant – Dr. Maryanto (no class, maybe week 2??)
10-Overview GIT System – Prof. Jalal
11-Natural Products, Approach to Drug Discovery – Dr. Retno
12-Oral Cavity, Oesophagus & Stomach – Prof. Jalal
13-Histology of the Heart & Great Vessel – Dr. Abu
14-Manufacturer : Milling & Mixing – Dr. Mohamed (Industrial)
16-Gross Anatomy of the Lungs – Prof. Jalal
17-Classifying Nutraceutical – Dr. Retno (no class, maybe week 2?)

Masa depan 6th batch terletak ditangan kita semua sebagai ahli farmasi uiam generasi ke-6 [2007-2011] insyaallah. Let’s boost our batch academically & non-academically. Good Luck!

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