Sunday, March 13, 2011

GUIDE for HMR poster

POSTERS INSTRUCTIONS (during lecture mdm Rohani)

1. Poster dimensions: The poster display boards will be 3ft wide x 4ft high. Please ensure that the posters that you are preparing do not exceed these dimensions.

2. Poster organization:
It is suggested that you organize your poster presentation in the following manner:

o Title – Large lettering, use exactly the same title as on the abstract

o Authors – List all authors, their place of work (institution/affiliation), town or city and country.

o Introduction and Aims - A brief introduction to the study and its main aims. This should introduce the topic to those who are not so familiar with the area.

o Methods – briefly outline key methodology, data gathering or any experimental work

o Results – Present main results, ideally as figures or graphs or tables. These must be easily understood.

o Discussion and conclusions.

o References – cite these at the end of the poster.

It is suggested that the text and tables are organized into 3-4 columns on the poster.

3. Poster category and number:
Your abstract for the poster presentation will be given a category and a number. Please put up your poster on the poster board that bears that number.

4. Please do not use pins, thumb-tacks etc as they will damage the poster boards

5. You are encouraged to bring handouts of your poster.

6. Posters should be removed by 4.00 pm on 15th March 2011

Please ensure your poster is carefully presented, that text is large and clear
so that the poster can be read from 2m distance. Use figures, graphs and tables
wherever possible.

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handout tu utk bg kt madam je kan? or kene bg kt student laen jgk?