Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guideline Pharmacy Programme

Guidelines on Approval and Recognition of A Pharmacy Programme
-Pharmacy Board Malaysia 2007-

The general goal of university undergraduate education is to produce broadly educated graduates through:
1.1.1 Provision of knowledge and practical skills based on scientific principles.
1.1.2 Inculcation of attitudes, ethics, sense of professionalism and leadership skills for societal advancement within the framework of the national vision.
1.1.3 Nurturing the ability to analyse and solve problems as well as to evaluate and make decisions critically and creatively based on evidence and experience.
1.1.4 Development of the quest for knowledge and life-long learning skills, which are essential for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills, to parallel the rapid advancement in global knowledge.
1.1.5 Consideration of other general and specific issues that are relevant to the policies of the institution, country, region or the world.

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