Sunday, January 24, 2010

Students Feedback Survey

Dear all, salam,

This semester, we are introducing a new system that replaces the online Teacher Evaluation Rating (TER) system. The new system is called Student Feedback Survey (SFS). The online SFS is a platform for students to give feedback on lecturers, courses, University's facilities and Kulliyyahs.

The SFS has four (4) parts, i.e.,

Part A: Lecturer
Part B: Course
Part C: University
Part D: Kulliyyah

The SFS is conducted two (2) times in every semester except for the short semester where it is conducted only once. The first run will be conducted in week 7 of the semester, while the second run will be conducted starting from week 11.

This semester, we are using the SFS for the first time. We will conduct the first run starting from 21 January to 5 February 2010. For the first run, students have to complete Part A only (questions about the lecturer).

The online SFS can be accessed at

We hope each Kulliyyah will play its part in informing students regarding the new SFS system and encourage students to give their feedback on their lecturers within the time period mentioned above.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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