Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st Paper : AICA

PHM 3273 Anti-infective and Cytotoxic Agents - This course discusses the principles of therapy and clinical usages of various anti-infective and cytotoxic agents. The students will be exposed to methods in identifying pathogens that are responsible for infectious diseases, selecting the suitable agents for treatment, describing the major indication of their usage, and monitoring the efficacy and toxicity of the treatment. Characteristic of cancer cells, the role of cytotoxic agents in the treatment of cancers and their toxicity are also described in this course. The course identifies some examples for antibiotics and anticancer in Prophetic Medicine.

Lecturers :
1)Dr. Abdul Razak (c.c.)
2)Dr. Wan Azizi

MidSem 40%
1)MCQ 10%
2)S.E. 15% (2 out of 3)
3)L.E. 15% (1 out of 2)

Date : 25/1/10
Venue : Exam Hall 2, KOP
Time : 230pm – 330pm (1hour)

Invigilators :
Br. Shazly Zafry Ahmad Khairy
Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Kasmuri
Br. Zainol Akbar Zainal
Sr. Azura Yunos
Br. Shah Zaini Mokhtar

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