Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CP II - Attachment report submission


Dear students,

1. CP II attachment reports should be submitted a week after the attachment.
For instance, you did your clerkship on Thursday Jan 7th then you have to submit the reports by Thursday Jan 14th.

2. Make sure you write your date of clerkship on the report cover.

3. For each body system, please submit the reports in hardcopy to the designated lecturers. Endocrine reports should be submitted to Mdm Diana, while Musculoskeletal reports to Mdm Rohani (refer your attachment manual for other reports). Class rep, pls ask the lecturers on their preferred ways of accepting the reports.

4. A softcopy of your reports should be send by email to:

and cc to: syahiera.farhana(at) and along_sahimi(at)

5. Comments from the lecturers thus far, we found that some of the members in the subgroups are segregated; between the year 3 & year 4 students in terms of learning and report writing. This defeats the main purpose of tagging, where the learning should be integrated, ideally.

Anyway, they’re always rooms for improvement.

For year 3 students, please open your mind on the knowledge of drugs although you haven’t learn about it formally in class. This tagging system is for you to have earlier exposure. Do not wait until it is too late.

For year 4 students, although the interpretation of laboratory results and the signs & symptoms were analyzed by year 3 students, make sure you understand the whole case of the patient. So, you can provide better recommendation and find the DRPs.

All the best.


~Syahiera Farhana~


Anonymous said...

all right sis. will do my best!

shamel said...

bes2.. cp kali ni terbaaek!

Anonymous said...

regarding the segregation issue, it depends on the group members actually. dapat senior yang rajin, untung la.

Anonymous said...

kalau senior x rajin, junnior la kna rajin.. complement la tu

Anonymous said...

my group is not so lucky. huhu

unknown said...

ade jgk senior yg ajar garang2 instead of ajar depends..overall, im not enjoying this tagging system to the fullest..maybe klu tukar2 group ok sket kot dr permanent group..

Anonymous said...

it's a learning process my fren.. ^^