Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3rd Paper : Herbal Medicine

PHM 3212 Herbal Medicine
This course is an introduction to Phytomedicine; products from plants or plant parts that are not separated as chemical products.

Venue : Exam Hall 1, KOP
Date : 27th January 2010
Time : 230pm – 330pm

MIDSEM = 40%
1)ESSAY = 30% (S.E. 2 out of 3, L.E 1 out of 2)

Lecturers :
1)Dr. Norazian (CVS)
2)Dr. Qamar (Respiratory, GIT, Urinary)
3)Dr. Wan (Nervous, Endocrine)

Invigilators :
Asst. Prof. Dr. Norazian Mohd Hassan
Mdm. Rohani Mat Noor
Br. Qais Mohammad Ahmad Al-Efan
Sr. Sri Viorwarti Noerdin
Br. Mohamamad Dzadil Syakirin M.Shaari

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