Monday, January 4, 2010

10 LAN rooms

rasanye dah dpt tender sebab internet kat KOP (kat blk lecturer, admin, lecture hall) dah dpt. cuma wi-fi je belum dpt lg. insyaallah dpt... cuma masa tu je kita tak tahu sama ada cepat atau lambat.

1.0 Objective

This proposal is aim to provide new switches to support Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. The new building need to link with the existing Local Area Network at Kulliyyah of Medicine. Most importantly, the kulliyyah needs to get Internet connection to serve its’ users.

2.0 Background
Kulliyyah of Pharmacy is going to have a new building that schedule to be completed and handover to the university within this year. As such a lot of switches are needed to support and setup network connection for this building. Basically, the building already equipped with cabling infrastructure. The building Kulliyyah of Pharmacy consist of 10 LAN rooms. The main LAN room is located at ground floor and link to all other LAN rooms through fibre connection. Connection from LAN rooms to users is supported by UTP CAT6.

3.0 Content
This proposal contains specification detail of requirement that needed to support Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. The requirement details are listed as follows:
i) Core switch
ii) Access switch type A – 48 port
iii) Access switch type B – 24 port
iv) Access switches type C – PoE (24 port)
v) UPS
vi) Fibre patch code
vii) Aruba wireless
viii) Fluke testing for UTP
ix) Training to support switches and others equipment

All bidders are encouraged to supply equal specification as stated in the attachment or provide equivalent or better specification to match with our requirement.

Please refer to the enclosed attachment for detail of the specification of the tender.

4.0 Scope of Work
Successful bidder is required to supply the equipment within the agreed time frame. And the installation and configuration should be done properly as requested by ITD. All equipment should be installed and workable or compatible with the existing equipment. Bidder is requested to do your own survey and get the detail information on site. Proper plan should be done and if any additional accessories are needed bidder has to propose in the proposal. Any proposed equipment must be compatible with the existing equipment in the university.

Respond time for post services also need to be clearly mentioned. Company that have support and services which are based at Kuantan is highly recommended.

Switches for Pharmacy : Tender Download
Switches for Pharmacy : Price Schedule Download
Switched for Pharmacy : Network Layout Download

More information about ITD : HERE

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