Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Mission & Vission

There are only 5 public universities offering degree of pharmacy which takes 4 years to complete the study.

Note : Read > Analyze > Make Your Own Conclusion

My Conclusion : We are moving ahead! To all my fellow friends, let's strive together to achieve the vission and mission of our kulliyyah.

Our Vission is to be a leading centre nationally and internationally for educational excellence, producing a new breed of intellectuals, scholars and professionals characterised by the unity of faith, knowledge and good character.

While our Mission is to acquisite and propagate of knowledge in the spirit of Tawhid (Faith) within the framework of the Islamic world view.


apeygleadingnye said...

ape yg leadingnye?

leading said...

leading subjects plg byk,exam plg byk.2jelah kot.hahha

Amin said...

btl tu... =D