Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reminder : Assignment INSULIN

Refer -

Topic : Insulin

Subtopics :
-Diabetes mellitus
-Insulin molecule
-Insulin receptor and signal transduction
-Insulin production
-Production of human insulin by recombinant DNA technology

All students who are taking biotech course must submit the assignment entitled ‘INSULIN’ with all the required subtopics as listed above individually.

The assignment has to be submitted before the middle semester I (2008/2009) or 28/8/09.

The assignment should be prepared from the reading materials (book, journals).

Format? No format for the assignment as long as you submit it. Thank you.

If korang dah siap & nak hantar esok, letak je kat depan kt white board @ kerusi dpn sekali sebelum pukul 3 la kalau boleh.... if xsiap lagi, hantar hari isnin pun boleh sebab dia kata before midsem exam...

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