Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malaysia in H1N1 statistic

"The count in Australia continues to rise, with another 25 deaths confirmed since last week. Almost equally as startling, Malaysia confirmed 24 new deaths, while Thailand added another 16. The United Kingdom and Peru both confirmed 10 new deaths. Other countries also reported additional deaths: Chile (8), Paraguay (8), India (6), Canada (6), Costa Rica (5), Ecuador (4), Saudi Arabia (4), Mexico (3), Bolivia (3), Singapore (3), El Salvador (3), Honduras (2), Puerto Rico (2), Israel (2), Jamaica (1). In addition to those deaths, eight countries reported their very first H1N1 deaths: Ireland, Netherlands, Vietnam, Georgia, Iraq, Samoa, Ghana, and a Palestenian Territory each joined the growing list of countries with confirmed swine flu deaths."

Be alert for what's happening... May all of us can survive in this virus/swine VS human war. More --> click here

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