Sunday, August 16, 2009

Presentation & Report CVS

NO presentation on Monday (confirm!)

Presentation will be on Tuesday (11.30am – 1230pm) & Friday (3-5pm)

But, we do not have class at Tuesday (8-10am). We will confirm on Monday whether we want to do presentation on Tuesday 8-10am or not & discuss with bro. Shazly. Then, no presentation on Friday.

Pasal turn who will present first or last, this will be decided by Bro. Shazly & Dr. Zainol. Get prepared to present on Tuesday.

Regarding presenter, perlu semua ke present atau sorang je present?? Bro. Shazly xcakap pun semua kena present ke x. Ini kerja group, jadi seboleh-bolehnya semua present, baru nampak team work. Kalau nk present sorang, kalau bro. shazly tanya bersedia untuk menjawabnya.

Pasal report, report should be submitted one (1) day after presentation. Please inform others about this.

Pasal slides, bro. shazly suruh buat slides.. Thanks.

Timetable for Monday, click here

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