Thursday, November 27, 2008

"This is Your Chance"

“Salam...We are grateful to inform to you that Malaysia has been given the privilege to host the
8th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium 2009 (APPS 2009) and insyaAllah, it will be held in USM on 26th June until 2nd July 2009.
The organizing committees consist of all pharmaceutical schools in Malaysia including IIUM.
We are responsible to handle Post Symposium Tour, one of the APPS 09 main event, on the last day of the programme. We are collaborating with UM and UiTM to be in charge for this event.

The application for post-symposium committees will be opened in coming semester.
For those who want to join as central committees for this event you can fill up the attached form and send back to Mohd Syafiq ( or to shifa ( before 6 Dec 08 (soft copy). There will be a selection on that date!

Please be reminded that there are only 3 bureaus available and the spaces are quite limited (coz u will compete with other private colleges & universities, n four ur information the feedback from them are very positive, especially from chinese).
Thus , let us proliferate Muslim committees in this international programme!!
Thanx…Wassalam ^_^ "

IPhA Public Relation Bureau 08/09


partner_87 said...

Tlg sebar2kan kt suma rakan2 kta especially yg x online..k

Sumber drpd Syafiq 3rd year..

::Amin Mansor:: said...

6th batch kene anta wakil gak ni

msat said...

aku pun dapat kat emel..

::Amin Mansor:: said...

msat, asal ak xdpt? arrr.. ak ketinggalan

Anonymous said...

aku dpt tau melalui shifaa. frenster laaa..
sape berminat bleh cntact die melalui emel yg telah dipaparkan kat entri ni. no..emm x yah la. emel sudaah~