Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Print Your Final Exam Slip Now!

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1) Students who have been barred are not allowed to sit for the said examination.
2) Please check your 'Barred Status'
3) Kindly ensure that you bring your examination slip and matric card to the examination venue.
4) Only pens,pencils,rulers & calculators are allowed in the examination venue.
5) Electronic diaries, mp3 and dictionaries are strictly prohibited in the examination venue.
Any act of cheating or attempting to cheat, or bringing in any unauthorized notes and items in any examination may
lead to dismissal from the University if found guilty as provided under Part V of the
Students' Disciplines Rules 2004 (amendment 2006).
7) Do not take out any answer booklet/loose sheet (used or unused) from examination hall.
8) No candidate is allowed to present himself/herself into the examination hall after 30 minutes
from the commencement of examination.
9) During the examination period (28/10/2008 - 11/11/2008) students are advised to stay on campus, and not to leave
campus unless on health ground with written permission from Medical Officer (Dr. Norlita Bahari)
10) For purpose of final examination / resit / special, the University accepts medical/sick certificate from
the government clinics or hospital only. Off campus students must first notify his/her illness the
Kulliyyah / Academic & Student Affairs Department prior to the examination.
The IIUM doctor will refer you to a certain clinic or government hospital
11) Students who need medical treatment while staying outside IMC & JHC ,and need to see an outside
doctor,must inform the Kulliyyah / Academic & Student Affairs Department before the examination.
12) IIUM Kuantan Clinic: 09-5716500
Staff Nurse: Norazlin Mohd Noor (012-9843269)
Medical Officer: Dr. Norlita Bahari (012-9218267)
All students are adviced not to bring personal belonging(s) to the examination venue(s). University will not
be responsible for any lost or damage to your belonging(s) through out the examination.
Please take note that your name as appeared on this slip will be recorded on your scroll. Please refer
to Academic & Student Affairs Department should there be any corrections.
Announcement of Examination Results after 4.00 p.m (1 December 2008).



graduan EAP said...

title salah grammar la. suppose, "Print Your Final Exam Slip Now".. kan?

Anonymous said...

thank for yr opinion about the has been corrected.

Anonymous said...

How to check if Im barred?