Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Blog Statistics


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Here, I released the statistic of page load to our blog, The statistic started from Monday, June 30, 2008 until this month. Our first entry of the blog -

Thanks to all the members for supporting our blog.

Contributor here means you can submit entries or write something about news regarding our batch. Once again, this blog is belong to us, IIUM Pharmacy 6th Batch (2007-2011). We do not make it private as it requires email anytime we want to access and of course it burdens us.

The main objective of creating the blog is to connect us whenever we are. Moreover, the blog is used to spread the news and information regarding our batch and pharmacy as well. Last but not least, we also want to maintain and continue our ukhuwwah. We already have a friendster group to communicate among us but not all of us have friendster account . By having this blog, we hope all (87 students) can join this community.

Any suggestions and ideas to enhance the performance of this blog are welcomed and most importantly the continuity of ukhuwwah islamiyyah among us.


MSAT 17 said...

tahniah kepada admins.
rasa-rasanya bulan ogos tu ramai sebab exam kot.
semua alert dengan isu2 exam ni.

and one thing,
pendrive aku hilang..
hoho.. sedih la
sape2 jumpa tolong bg ek.

IIUM Pharmacy 6th Batch said...

terima kasih MSAT yg baru dikenali 2ari lps.

rasenyer, isu lab report pun boleh dimasukkan kt blog ni.

Anonymous said...

msat 17 >>
Thanx jugak dari aku!!
pendrive kao hilang? macam mane org nak kenal pendrive kao? Ape kate ko post je entri dlm blog neh. Mane tau org bleh tolong.

Anonymous said...

btl2. ko cite skit psl pendrive tu cmne bentuk,rupa,warna dan lain2.

msat 17 said...

name pen drive aku tu MSAT 17. kalau sape2 jumpe tolong letak kt colostrm kelas, yerrrr...

ho, identiti aku masih lg menjadi rahsia..


MSAT 17 said...

takpe takpe dah jumpa dah. ingatkn hilang dalm kelas.

TQ kpd yg concern

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah dah jumpe...