Monday, September 1, 2008

Claim and Lab Report

Firstly, I got a news about the JPA allowance claim. Our claim was rejected (sort of) as we did not fulfill the requirements set by JPA. So, these are the requirements (this notice can be found in STAD):

If you still want to claim the allowance, please get your form from me and attach all the documents required. Then all you need to do is give them to STAD.

Secondly, about the biotech lab report, this might be useful.


::Amin Mansor:: said...

amsyar,ak rase ak nyer dah complete.

semua kene reject ke?

amsyar said...

yup.. suma kot.. cuba ko baca req tu.. ko ada suma tak?

::Amin Mansor:: said...

ak xpaham istilah surat tu. bkn ke dah cukup dgn form yg kita isi dan mintk sign pharmacy tu.

tp kite buat je lah surat tu.tulis2 ape yg patut g pharmacy mintk sign n cop.