Monday, September 29, 2008

Download the Poison List

Salam my friends. I want to share with you all about the poisons list as in the first schedule which can be divided into part I (poison group A, group B, group C and group D), part II and exempt.

The second Schedule (Sec. 2 and 7 ) is about the articles and preparations exempted such as surgical dressings, adhesives builders material and so on.

The third Schedule (Sec. 30) deals with psychotropic substances.

Get to know which group any drug belong to. Go to, click the 'poisons list' (due to no specific address for the poisons list address)

Click on the pics to enlarge

Here, we can download the poisons list or we can search poison list database. This will search Name, GroupA, GroupB, GroupC, GroupD, Part II, and Exempt

Download the poison list : HERE(.doc file - 2.16MB) or HERE (.zip file - 148kb)
Download Poisons Act 1952 : HERE

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Anonymous said...

maaf nak tanya kita dh bljr ke psl poison ni?lecture note Tuan syeikh x paham sgt