Friday, July 18, 2008

Five Six O Two

Early this morning, I got a news from P.
He showed me a message from his cellphone inbox.

OMG (o my God)...guess what!!

The scholar has already been banked into your account guys.
RM5602. That's how this post got it's name.haha. quite a gloomy class, i decided to distribute a piece of paper to brothers.

It was written, "The scholar is RM5602 nett. What do you wish to buy?? List down"

And here's what I got in reply:

1. Cadar

2. Raja Zirwatul Adawiyah (sape ni eh??)

3. Rak TV

4. Kereta dan Motor

5. TV Plasma

6. PS 3

7. Astro

8. Panadol Soluble

9. Nak Kahwin (emm..smells Nasi Minyak already)

10. 125 Dani

11. Modem celcom

12. Derma ke Rumah Anak Yatim @ Pengasih (good boy)

13. Peti Ais, Microwave

14. Biolitic Bombardment Apparatus

15. Mahallah baru

16. Lembu

17. Maggi

18. Minyak Petrol

Fuh..I got a lot more actually. Too much but these are all things they 'want' or 'need'.


To all readers, this post is just for brain relaxing purpose. Do not take it seriously okayh.

The list above has been filtered to avoid any totally-crazzy stuffs. hehe.

Ape2 pun, we're all grown up people. Whatever things you wish to buy with the money, it's up to you. But remember to use them wisely in a good way. Do not abuse them!!

Lu pikirlah sendiri. With that, wassalam!!


::Amin Mansor:: said...

i checked my e-banking.Surprising me when i got :

17/07/2008 17/07/2008 00000000 Electronic Payment 5,602.00

Thanks JPA!LOVE U.haha

Anonymous said...

don't forget to pay the fee

Rxwarrior said...

duit kelas pn same,
byr la cpt2 lg bgs kn,
lg berkat notes yg kte bc tu klu dh lngsi sume htng2 ni kn...,

Shamel said...

stare at your friend's cellphone.
They might get a brand new one.

Anonymous said...

if you want to stare..stare at dani and afif new sony ericson..haha!!