Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camping in a Dusun

Iflah Camp for Pharmacy Students
11-13th July 2008
Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang
Organised by Student Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU)

Assalamualaikum..hai everyone. I was called to tell you a story of our experience..err..(my experience could be more precise) throughout the iflah camp recently. Preparation? Naah..there’s not much thing to pack. Toiletries..some shirts and pants and a pair of shoes. Here’s the best part guys.

I told my friends, let me name him as R, “I think there’s no need to bring towel. Don’t u think so, R??”
He then replied, “what make u think so?How are we gonna take a bath??”
I said, “Hey..c’mon dude, it’s a resort.Juz call the housekeeping and they’ll bring it in for you.”

Therefore,we decided not to bring any. Upon arrival at about 7pm, we were brought up to the resort (on the hill) by a truck. I swear to’s like a roller-coaster. So fast but really exciting though. We had a cup of tea and some kuih before praying. Only then we checked in. Can’t imagine..I was wrong. Instead of chalet with air-condition occupied by 2 persons per room built in with a toilet which provide 2 choices of hot and cold water, we were placed in a dorm. There’s no single chance to call a housekeeper. No phone at all. A quite horrible dorm with a capacity of 30 persons and double-decker beds. Just look at the pictures provided below exclusively for you.

However, the so-so accommodation was covered by the interesting talks which also included songs, activities, useful handouts and delicious food. Ooo..speaking of which, we got to wash our own dishes. This is totally different from the iflah camp organised for allied health students last year. Ask your friends laa..senang cerite.

Woke up as early as 5.30 in the morning for subuh prayer was quite challenging. Standing under the shower poured with cold water was like get into a bathtub fulled with ice. Such a valuable experience hah..hehe.

The camp moved smoothly on the second day. Personality test was one of the interesting slots of all. In the evening, an outdoor games were held inside the hall cause there’s no space outside as other groups from nowhere (well..I don’t know) had already use the spots. It’s more to what so-called ‘sukaneka’. People got Cadbury choc if they win the challenge. Love it. Haha.. once again.

Later, we took pictures here and there inside the resort..adding the cool poses to personal collection. The next day, we had a short photography session under a hot sunlight together. Then, once again the trucks brought us down. All of a sudden, it rained while some of us still waiting for turn to get down the hill. Poor us..especially brothers who hold the ‘Ladies First’ policy.
As we’ve already downhill, brother’s bus failed to start the engine. We got stuck for almost an hour. Give a round of big applause to some of our batch representatives who lend a hand to help ‘pak cik bus’ in repairing process. At about 4pm, we left the resort area heading to Kuantan. Well, that’s all I got to share with u all. See ya!!


haha said...

rugi xpegi!arghh

amin said...

shamel,pic last tu ape ye?sape dok atas tu?

ctnadiah said...

haha tu sape?
to amin: nk tlg jawab.tu jmbtn xdpt dikenalpasti sape yg tergantung tu.
to shamel or sape2 je: letakla lg gmbr byk2.. =)

faris_fitri said...

mandi pagi2 pasti trasa menggigil,
menimbulkn rasa trsangatlah malas,
seperti trasa diri trpanggil,
mnjelaskn gambar yg kurang jelas.

(wah!!aku pndai brpantun)

act,yg plg dopan skali tu gamba den..
dgn banggo eh den goyang2 jmbatan tu bg org blakang bpeluh..wahaha..

amin said...

kalau dizoomkan lagi pic kat jmbtn tu kn best.dpt tgk muka-muka cuak.hahaa :P

faris memilik kepandaian berpantun sejak f5 lagi.haha

Shamel said...

yg aku hengat kat jambatan tu..
matmin, jiji..emm tu je.huhu.
sape tah yg laen tu.

to ctnadiah-
mmg byk gamba tp..rasenye cukup je kot utk gambarkan betapa happy nye yg terlibat kat sane n jelouskan sape yg x pegi.ahah.