Monday, December 6, 2010

Check Exam Result (SMS version)


Step 1: login MYIIUM

Step 2: After login successfully, student portal screen will appear. See mySMS Click Here to Activate banner.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number and sms pin (case sensitive). click button register

Step 4: click refresh to see the detail

Step 5: your mobile number successfully registered

Check result:

Step 1: Select "write message"

Step 2: Enter IIUM(space)RESULT(space)Matric No(space)Session(space)Semester

e.g. IIUM RESULT 0010056 abc1234 2009/2010 2

Step 3: "send" the message to the following number

Step 4: you will receive a reply message that contains these information:

( IIUM: [GPA],[CGPA],[STATUS],[Course code][Result];)

IIUM: GPA:2.923 CGPA:2.923 STATUS:PASS;COMM1010 B;HIST1000 C ;LM2020 C; PSCI1010 A-;RKGS2010 B;

Good Luck


cahaya_solehah said...
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cahaya_solehah said...

rasanya ada tertinggal tu, yg utk cek result tu..

yg betulnya:

Step 2: Enter IIUM(space)RESULT(space)Matric No(space)SMS PIN(space)Session (space)Semester


Amin Mansor said...

aah, yg gambar tu btl. yg explanation tu xde sms password. thanks!