Friday, December 24, 2010


PostMe is just another creative innovation by Pos Malaysia.

You can either start building your own online shop and sell your products here or simply sign up
to place order for a range of your favourite items for those who have little time to go physical.

The interesting part for a businessman is that you don't have to go to courier counter to deliver the products to your customer who has placed an order because Pos Malaysia itself will pick it up for you and deliver it to your customer. Cool.

Alongside of PostMe, Pos Malaysia will also soon introduce TWO new projects; namely On Demand Pick-Up and PHARMACY TO HOME.

On Demand Pick-Up works like this. Say you left your super huge Dipiro book at home. Call Pos Laju and they'll pick it up and have it in front of your door with RM5 delivery charge. All will take a day* process.

And PHARMACY TO HOME is my actual intention of writing this post. You no longer have to go to pharmacy to have your prescription filled. Go online, key in your patient number and that's it. Expect Pos Malaysia to send the medication for you.

For more information, you can read the article HERE on The New Straits Time newspaper.


Amin said...


M Izani said...

kalo post malaysia yg hantar ubat, sapa nak bagi counseling?

Shamel said...

aku rase tu ubat2 regular yang patient amik kot. awal2 lg da kaunseling. lagipun kan kite ade HMR!