Thursday, December 30, 2010

B. Islam Internet Banking

What are the requirements to perform financial transaction at Bank Islam Internet Banking?

To perform financial transactions, you have to do as follows:
- You must first register as Bank Islam Internet Banking user. To register, you must have Bank Islam ATM Smart Card or Bank Islam Master/VISA Card. Get your Bank Islam Internet Banking PIN at our ATMs.

Steps to sign-up:
- At the ATM menu, select Other Transactions and go to Bank Islam Internet Banking Registration.
- Accept the clause on the agreed to be bounded by the Bank Islam Internet Banking Terms & Conditions of Access and Services.
- Enter 6 digits numbers of your choice as Bank Islam Internet Banking PIN and reconfirm your PIN. Please do memorize your Bank Islam Internet Banking PIN for security purposes.
- Access to Bank Islam Internet Banking via Bank Islam Corporate web page ( and select Bank Islam Internet Banking login button. Select First Time Login and key in your Bank Islam ATM Smart Card or Bank Islam Master/VISA Card number with your Bank Islam Internet Banking PIN.
- Select your Preferred User Id and Password and memorize them for your subsequent logins. Once completed, you can perform financial transactions via the Bank Islam Internet Banking.

What can be performed at Bank Islam Internet Banking?
- My Accounts
- Account Summary
- Account Details
- Financing Details
- Float Details
- Investment Details
- Account History

- Transfer Funds
- Own A/C Transfer
- Transfer to 3rd Party
- Maintenance of Future Fund Transfer
- Beneficiary Maintenance
- Inter bank Transfer (MEPS IBG)

- Payment
- E-Sadaqah
- Prepaid Reload

- Bill Payment
- Open Bill Payment
- Registered Bill Payment
- Bill Payment Maintenance
- Bill Presentment

- Investment
- Placement
- Withdrawal
- History Inquiry

- Standing Instructions
- Financing
- Payment

- Bank Islam Card
- Card Details
- Payment
- Statement Inquiry

- Cheque Management
- Cheque Book Request
- Cheque Status Inquiry
- Cheque Return Inquiry
- Stop Cheque
- Release of Stop Cheque

- Customer Services
- Statement Request
- Profit Rate Inquiry
- FOREX Rate Inquiry
- Update Profile
- Change Address
- Change Password
- Delete ATM Card

For your convenience, more transactions will be introduced in the near future.
What are the benefits of Bank Islam Internet Banking?
- Secured. All your transactions at Bank Islam Internet Banking are very secured.
- Free. No annual fees or access fees will be charged on customers for using Bank Islam Internet Banking. However, there will be charges on some of the transactions as per existing account terms & conditions.
- Convenient. You can perform financial transactions from anywhere. You can even perform your banking transactions when you are abroad.
- Transaction Confirmation. Every successful transaction will be displayed with a transaction confirmation number.

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